How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia

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How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia

You are preparing a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, you wonder how to bring the most necessary supplies with you without having to occupy a lot of suitcases? The following suggestions will be useful information for you on your upcoming journey.

How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia 1

Prepare all the necessary documents

Overseas tours often take a lot of effort, cost and time. Therefore, you will have to carefully prepare the necessary equipment and important documents to make sure your trip is perfect, avoid unnecessary trouble on the trip.

Check your Passport

How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia 2

One of the important documents to bring when traveling is a passport, this is a must have for you to exit to another country. Make sure it can still be used for at least 6 months before the start of the trip, if the expiry date is not enough, you should consider going for a passport extension.

Tourist visa

Foreign tourists wishing to travel or work in Vietnam and Cambodia are required to apply for a visa before entering the two countries. Currently, there are 2 places to apply for a Vietnam or Cambodia visa:

- At the Embassy, Consulate of Vietnam and Cambodia in the host country
- At international airports of Vietnam and Cambodia (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville)

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Currently Vietnam is exempting visa for citizens of some countries such as Asian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian ...with a stay of no more than 15 days from the first entry date.

Flight ticket

If you plan your trip to Vietnam and Cambodia a few months in advance, decide to book your flight early to enjoy many promotions and to make sure you get the flight in the desired time. It is best to book a round trip ticket if you have a specific travel schedule.

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Travel insurance

You have spent a lot of time and money to prepare for the trip with the desire to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation and experience new knowledge with your family. However, the risk is something no one wants and it can happen to your trip, such as lost luggage, children getting sick, flights being delayed...

How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia 5

Although not a mandatory document, travel insurance is one of the "tools" necessary to protect you when traveling. However, make sure your travel insurance card is valid by choosing reputable insurance companies.

Prepare money

In Vietnam, Cash is a King. The Vietnamese currency is Vietnam Dong (VND) and can be exchanged in banks or in jewelry shops.

Depending on your budget and travel style, the amount of money needed for your Vietnam trip may vary. There are several ATMs and banks in big cities, so it will not be a big issue to withdraw some cash. Then you can exchange your currency into Vietnamese Dong.

How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia 6

As the withdrawal fee is high, we recommend you to bring some cash with you before entering Vietnam.

In Cambodia it is different, the Riel is only used to pay for small value transactions of less than US $ 5 when paying expenses such as motorcycle taxi, snack or beggar,...The currency widely used here is in US dollars, most hotels, restaurants and shopping areas list prices in US dollars, and Riel is used very little.

Items to bring when traveling abroad

Personal belongings

You should prepare your personal belongings when traveling abroad to avoid incurring many expenses for your trip.

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Brush / toothpaste / razor

This is the necessary tool you need to store in your travel suitcase. Although at the hotel where you come can fully prepare these things, but because it is personal hygiene items, you should be prepared carefully at home.

Clothes, costumes

Depending on the weather and climate, you can choose and bring some necessary clothing to ensure the most comfortable and comfortable travel. The things to bring when traveling abroad can be towards compact, simple and convenient ... It all depends on where you come a lot.

T-shirts, jeans, sports shoes

T-shirts with jeans are a perfect combination for every trip, and don't forget to bring a sports shoe to make sure the travel and travel process becomes more comfortable and easy.


During long trips, you are likely to encounter problems such as illness, colds or body aches, carrying some medicine is necessary. You should put in a box or a medicine bag with compartment dividing the medicine neatly to make it easy to find when you need it.

Technology accessories

Backup charger

On the journey, you will have to move regularly, phones and cameras are used a lot, so prepare a backup charger so your phone can charge when needed.

How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam And Cambodia 8

Versatile socket

A lot of you ignore this essential accessory when traveling abroad. Overseas power and sockets may be different, so multi-purpose sockets are the solution to help your technology appliances stay compatible with most sockets.

Some things to keep in mind when preparing travel items

Here are some notes that you need to consider if you plan to travel abroad in the near future.

Plan and schedule

For any trip, you need to make a specific plan such as the length of the trip, the date and time of departure, the estimated budget and the list of essential items to bring.

Packed neat items

Make sure your suitcase won't have too many things, just bring the necessary items for the trip. You try to keep the weight of the suitcase only about 20 kg (consignment) and 5 kg of hand luggage for free.
See the weather where you will go to bring the clothes accordingly. If carrying valuable valuables such as jewelry, camera, expensive camera ... should be declared to the customs.

Avoid wearing fragile items

If you have fragile items, be flexible to find a way to encapsulate it in hard paper, or place it in the middle of your clothes to avoid being hit during travel.

Prepare contingency plans

No one can know in advance what will happen, so if there are any uncertainties such as robbery or loss of luggage suitcases. Write down the information about the person you need to contact for help.

Buy sim card

As soon as you arrive in Vietnam or Cambodia, you should buy a phone sim or data sim at the airport to contact relatives and friends, information to them where you are coming. If there is no sale at the airport, you can ask the guide where to buy them.

The price for a simcard with internet connection is quite cheap, only about 10 usd, you can freely use the high speed internet.

I hope this article has partly helped you visualize what you need to keep in mind as well as the list of items to bring when traveling abroad to the fullest. Wish you all have a fun and wonderful experience in the upcoming trips to Vietnam and Cambodia.

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